Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tarmac Tena

another morning, another tarmac touching moment. a reprise of the return from a previous place of residence and some happily and definitely current friends have inspired me to blog once more. let's face it, i could say whatever i like here and it would only be read by people who know me, so am feeling fairly free. the industrious antics of the Lovably Ubiquitous Boyfriend (aka Unkie Dave) on his blog have inpsired me, particularly references to various impending life changes that turned out to happen not at all when predicted. that's the great thing about making plans public, like futurology it serves to make us chortle about the flying cars, hoverbikes, and gender equality that we gaily assured ourselves would be daily life in the 21st century of this arbitrarily dated era. i also feel completely vindicated by ignoring this blog for somewhere in the region of 18 months, and being rewarded with 2 comments, only one of which turned out to have had their blog deactivated presumably due to adult/illegal/somewhat dodgy content, while the other had merely found their blog being 'maliciously' filled with adult content. neither of which could be in any way related to the rather generic, and similar, nature of their evidently heartfelt comments. more substantially, perhaps this could be a place to write about ideas i've harboured - such as the economics of enough - that could be useful or at least diverting. but ultimately it is joyful reconnection with friends that has prompted this willingness to be present here. long may the connection continue.


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