Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Well this was going to be a picture of a large stack of Enviro-ply plywood on a truck in Temple Bar. Instead, my phone took a very slow picture so all I got was the cobbles on the road. You'll just have to imagine it. And put up with this picture of some graffiti instead.

I saw the Enviro-ply stack while walking through Temple Bar, no real idea what it is but hopefully it indicates this plywood came from a more sustainable source than the usual. I've heard that much of the wood grown in Ireland is used to make plywood and matches, which seems like a shame, is that really all it's good for?

Later in the evening I went to the launch of the new Irish Aid information and volunteering centre on O'Connell St. Quite good use of space, labyrinthine with few walls seeming to be at 90 degrees to one another, lots of sharp angles and gaps you could see through into other rooms, interesting. And it looks like it'll be a reasonable public resource about 'development' - whatever that contested term really means. Ironically, according to a source close to the one who told me about the low quality uses to which Irish wood is often put, the hoarding around the centre while it was being refitted, and which only came down a few weeks ago, appeared to be made of illegal hardwoods. Incredible, but wouldn't surprise me if it was true. The wood was spotted by a forestry expert.

Hmm, now I come to entitle this in a fairly boring manner, the term 'enviro-play' comes into my mind. Could be more entertaining than plywood.


Blogger Felix said...

Your graffiti photos keep inspiring me to make some graffiti cross-stitch...


Tuesday, 18 March 2008 at 11:39:00 GMT  

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