Saturday, September 20, 2008

ephemeral robots

I've just posted some photos of the ArtBots exhibition at the Science Gallery. It struck me recently that most of the photos I have put up on my flickr site are of ephemeral occurrences, things that are by their nature temporary. It started with graffiti, and I thought I'd dedicate the site solely to that. But now I've put up these pictures and would like to put up more. I put up a large number of photos of Burning Man, and thought that was a departure from the ephemeral nature of my photos, but then I realised that a large part of the Burning Man phenomenon is its temporary nature, the city with its entire infrastructure and the art within it are created out in the dust of the desert, exist for a week, and then vanish. Much of it is burned during Burning Man, and many people work for a year to create something that will be there for just a few days, seen by perhaps a few or a few tens of thousands of people, and then it will dissipate, be dismantled, disassembled, cease to exist. And there is something attractive about that. So here's to ephemera, at least for the time being.


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