Saturday, November 05, 2011

Happy (4 week) birthday Occupy Dame Street

Today was 4 weeks since the camp set up on Saturday October 8th, a small demonstration that gradually grew with tents starting to pop up on an unusually sunny October afternoon, and now here we are 4 weeks later still in situ, bigger and better and doing lots more, having reached and involved thousands of people. Technically today is 29 days, and Tuesday will be the actual month by date, but today was the day of celebration, and everyone was in great form and having a ball. A big tidy up of the site, transformation of the kitchen, lots of music and dancing, and lots of cake!


Only caught the end of the celebrations because we'd been at Occupy Cork - actually in the People's Republic for a friend's wedding, yet somehow ended up at the wonderful Occupy Cork on the South Mall three times in 24 hours.


Seems like things are going great with a great bunch of people and an excellent set up (and how on earth do they keep it so neat and tidy?) so big ups to everyone there, celebrating 3 weeks today. More to come on Cork later. For now, well done Occupy Dame Street, and here's to the next month.



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