Friday, February 28, 2014

Green, (blue) and grey?

A completely misleading comparison of Ireland, specifically Kerry in June:




Versus London in October:




The last one is some faded street art off Waterloo Bridge on the Southbank. The other two also featured in my other blog post about London, I'll admit.

I like both these sets of photos to be honest. Different views on life, and good to recall both. The last three were at the top of my Flickr photostream for quite a while as the last photos I'd uploaded, and I noticed how grey they made London seem. Which is not how I've found it - people complain about it being grey, but I find it quite a bit brighter and the light seems more expansive than Dublin. And there is beauty to be found, some of it obvious, some of it brutal, some of it gentle. A reminder to look more closely.


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