Saturday, November 01, 2014

Tanzania continues very well.

This month I have mainly Tanzania. Entirely, in fact. Yesterday was Hallowe'en, which is not a festival here, so it passed without its significance being much registered. What I also didn't much register was that it was also a day and date by which I normally aim to have written a monthly blog post. Which I didn't notice at all until late this evening. Oh well. Not that significant really. Belatedly here is a quite nice photo of Mount Kilimanjaro, viewed from the roof of where I've been spending a lot of time in Moshi town:



There have been many wonderful views of the mountain since I arrived, but this was a particularly jawdroppingly beautiful one.

I also helped organise this People's Climate March last month in Dar es Salaam:



Lots more photos here.

Tanzania has been mainly amazing. Lots of great people and great stuff being done, sunshine, rain, and today, cycling my bike. Much more to come.


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