Tuesday, January 20, 2009

yes we did

Barack Hussein Obama became President of the United States today and I was there to witness it. In the Washington Mall, with the Lincoln Memorial behind me and the Washington Monument ahead, a fitting location for an historic moment. Not close enough to really see him (except on the Jumbotron) but certainly close enough to feel the change happening. And to be present with over a million others at that moment. I look at him and it is still hard to believe. I am really glad that I was here, that we did this, that we crossed the ocean to be here, with friends and family and loved ones, to see this happen in person. To hear him talk about ensuring the rule of law, that ideals and safety will no longer be in conflict, that the nuclear threat will end, that America will take its place among the nations again, and as a leader, that it is a nation of christians, muslims, jews, hindus, non-believers, among others, that it will take care of the planet. Rhetoric perhaps but a very different rhetoric to that of the last 8 years, and a very different vision for this nation. It has been incredible to be here to watch the first black president take office, so belatedly but wonderfully, in 2009. A long time coming but as some of the posters here said, for many African-Americans in particular, 'We Have Overcome' and truly something changed today. To hear him say that his father (a Kenyan and an immigrant) might have had trouble being served in a restaurant in this country 60 years ago, and now he is taking the oath of office as President. I feel this year will be a significant one, and an amazing one, personally and globally. It will be a year of change, and I'm looking forward to being part of it.

And if you're interested, you can see some photos of the inauguration here.


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