Tuesday, March 24, 2009

all of this has happened before

the last episode of battlestar galactica. the end of something joyful, wonderful, alive. it was good to share in this for these years. good to see something good, something great, something powerful, something real. the best political drama on television, and i think possibly the best television programme i have ever seen. the boxing ring episode alone almost made it that. a programme about politics, religion, the military, theology, humanity. mainly humanity. a programme set in space about the last few humans fleeing and fighting the robots they created, whose main star is a spaceship, and yet which said more about people and about the nature of humanity than so many other stories that pretend to be real. battlestar galactica was good plot, good acting, good effects, but most of all true. that this is what it could be like, or somehow could be, in a metal box in the stars, fighting for your life. that this is what life is about, what people are about. it was good to be along for the ride. i cried during that finale. and felt like everything is alright, now. in the end, in the beginning, it is all about love. and a bob dylan song. all of this will happen again. so say we all.


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