Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And the beat goes on

So the sexism/don't accept sexism graffiti fight didn't stop there. We soon had a reaction to the reaction:
Thanks to Queen Roadkill for that pic.

And then there was a slight addition to (or deduction from) that, making the 'DON'T' into 'DO', and possibly losing some of the sense along the way:


Do we have to accept anything? Quite a statement.

But it didn't stop there, we then had the rather more humourous deflating of the 'Grow Up' comment (because after all, who is really being immature here?):


And there's an arrow pointing from 'Ageism' to 'Grow Up', in case you didn't notice.

The messages remain open to plenty of interpretation, because it still looks like it says 'DON'T' from some angles:


Quite entertaining. Pity we rarely have such a public debate in other media. Anyhow, good to see some responses happening on the walls.

More pics at:
lusciousblopster - Don't Accept Sexism - set on flickr



Blogger Snag Breac said...

Thats hilarious!
What a great post of changeable street art!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010 at 17:33:00 GMT+1  

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