Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 3 at Occupy Dame Street

Some Government, ECB and NAMA "thieves" from Cork with their swag outside the Central Bank

Still going strong. Good group of probably 30 or more continuing to camp, with new people arriving while others who have been there since Saturday having to leave for work today. Very large numbers of people interested, cars tooting their horns as they drive past, hundreds of people coming up expressing support and enquiring. Restaurants donating hot food, a building supplies man came by earlier to find out what was needed and promised to drop off donated supplies later, camping shop giving tents and sleeping bags. Among the items donated by passersby today - duct tape, a box of Barry's tea, photocopied and laminated posters, hot coffee and muffins.


General assembly meeting at 1p.m. interesting and lots of people spoke. Printed up copies of the original press release from last week as it's an agreed statement, passersby were eagerly reading it. Gave out close to 400 copies in less than an hour.


Some fear-mongering last night that the police were going to arrive at 6a.m. this morning to evict everyone. Instead the Gardai who dropped around later this morning to say hello laughed at the idea that "riot cops" would be interested, and certainly not at 6a.m. Enormous amount of mainstream media presence today; RTE were there three times, Evening Herald, Irish Times. So it'll hopefully start reaching more people. Now that the camp has remained there into Monday morning looks promising that it will not be moved on.



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