Sunday, October 09, 2011

Occupy Dame Street the second night


Was just there for a few more hours, good to see still going strong. I was struck by how brave people are, taking a stand, and risking a lot for it. This event is just part of the ongoing conversation we desperately need to have in this country, but it is a great piece of that discussion. And those involved, particularly those staying and camping out overnight, really deserve our respect and appreciation.


They finally got the projector going and projected the Irish national debt figure onto the Central Bank. Good place for it. It does make your head spin watching the figure go up and up, faster than every second. And then there's the amount owed by each Irish person - 24,242 euro each, including every newborn baby.

A quite amazing 34 hours so far. Even they are not able to stay physically there for long, and I hope they will be able to remain, this action has still changed how our Irish story goes. Long may it continue.



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