Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dolphins in daylight

Went back to Vico Road with The Unfortunately Loyal Boyfriend this afternoon, and the dolphins appeared again. Amazing. Was so glad he got to see them, and it was also incredible to see them in daylight.




There were two, perhaps three, and they stuck around for at least half an hour, which seemed remarkably munificent.


One twisted out of the water showing a white belly, and then they swam back and forth, first going south towards some yellow buoys near Killiney Beach, then back towards Dalkey Island.


Two lucky people in a kayak got very close to them.


We didn't go to the beach looking for the dolphins, but of course the possibility was enticing. After looking out for them the odd time over the past few months and then seeing them on Sunday, I worried slightly that it would make me constantly and even unconsciously search for dolphins every time I went to Vico, perhaps complicating my love of the place, which I didn't want to happen. Somewhat like my nervousness to try scubadiving years ago, because I loved snorkelling so much and was afraid that it would take some of the joy out of snorkelling, leaving me hankering to be diving instead. That didn't happen - I loved diving, and still love snorkelling just as much, they're different ways of seeing into the underwater world. This afternoon I felt I was enjoying my time at White Rock and happy whether or not the dolphins appeared, so it was a real joy when we spotted them. Though now I feel like trying kayaking in Dublin Bay...

More photos of these dolphins


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