Saturday, June 18, 2011

Map of Radical Ireland

Found this good map of Radical Ireland, showing "sites of significance to current and historical struggles in Ireland". It has been created by Andrew Flood, an anarchist with Workers Solidarity Movement and the One Percent Network, among others - hopefully he will not mind this labeling.

radical ireland map 2

The map includes sites such as the autonomous social centre Seomra Spraoi; a meeting on anarchism in 1886; the Garden of Delight radical bookshop and venue which had a brief existence in 1997 (the perfect place to spill endless coffee whilst reading Robert Anton Wilson); the location of the Reclaim The Streets event whose participants were attacked by Gardai in 2002; the James Connolly statue; and various squatted buildings, past and present. It also includes the stops and links to audio from three years of the annual Feminist Walking Tour of Dublin, which highlights the history of women in Ireland, and from a One Percent Network walking tour, which provides a guide to how the wealthiest 1% in Ireland live, both of which are valuable initiatives I hope to write further about at a later stage.

The map includes a little information about each location listed and usually links to further info and articles. While I don't agree with how some items on it are represented, and we could debate endlessly over what qualifies as 'radical' enough for inclusion, I'm glad the map has been put together. I found it interesting as a reminder of current and past struggles, it is like an historical overview of significant events and venues that are all too easy to forget about. It is currently rather heavily Dublin-centric but as it's a work in progress more sites from around Ireland will no doubt be added in future. Overall, its use of place as a way of engaging with radical efforts is stimulating and accessible.

View Radical Ireland in a larger map


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