Sunday, June 26, 2011

Aerosol aromas

Photographed the current graffiti in the Tivoli yesterday. Have been meaning to get down there since the All City Graffiti Jam in April, which unfortunately I wasn't able to attend this year. There are all new pieces in the rear carpark, and a few new ones as well as a lot of older pieces still in place in the front carpark, from the 2010 Graffiti Jam and earlier. Some of the walls had already been painted again since the Jam, so I'm not sure what I've missed. Such is the nature of the art form.




The Tivoli theatre on Francis Street has been very supportive of graffiti in Dublin, and allows some of the better writers to paint regularly on its carpark walls, as well as being a venue for the annual Jam. Apparently the security guards even prevent some of the, shall we say, "less experienced" graffiti practitioners from coming in and and spraying, so there are consistently very high quality pieces on display. Makes a change from the usual attitude of security guards towards graffiti artists.


Similar to those below, I have photos of every piece and all the walls. Eventually I'll put some of these photos together into a panorama, to give a sense of the scale and ambition of the larger walls. Then again, I've been saying I'll get around to doing that for at least three years, since the Graffiti Jam in 2008, but it shall eventually occur.




I'd also like to put together a before-and-after evolving video or slideshow, showing some of the many artistic incarnations of the walls. Another project for the list.


There were three artists painting when I went down there, who kindly let me photograph their works in progress.


Was nice to photograph with the sound of spray and the smell of paint in the air. Will have to revisit to see the finished articles.


I liked this mainly textual piece about emigraion, and its inclusion of a potato plant.


Half of this piece 'Be My Giver, I'm Your Taker' by Espo, a well-known graffiti artist from the U.S., has now been covered. I just discovered that this and his many other impressive pieces in the front carpark of the Tivoli were done when Espo was in Dublin on a Fulbright scholarship. Impressive again.

Now looking forward to Kings of Concrete next month. In the meantime will be back to the Tivoli to see how it evolves.

More photos of the graffiti at the Tivoli.



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Laser Beam Jesus is my new hero. Literally awesome.

Great pictures.

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