Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fiddling Week Five at Occupy Dame Street

Wonderful traditional fiddle playing at Occupy Dame Street tonight, using a fiddle that was very amazingly sent over by Occupy Pittsburgh. There were some adventures for a camp member collecting this fiddle from customs yesterday and then a livestreamed 'fiddle off' was held tonight, with fiddleplayers over in Pittsburgh playing away and ours being joined by other traditional musicians on the street.

The videos cannot capture in any way the quality of the music and skill demonstrated for over an hour and a half.

Originally we'd hoped to project the Occupy Pittsburgh livestream here simultaneously, but problems with the generator since yesterday and lack of power meant we could not get the projectors working in the end. Internet hitches delayed the start of the concert but didn't dampen anyone's spirits on an unseasonably mild evening. Meanwhile people from Florida and even further afield were tuning in and commenting on the livestream.

Plus someone at Occupy Pittsburgh tweeted "Occupy Dame Street is OWNING us in this fiddle-off." Irish pride intact.


We got in some Irish dancing (as I tried to recall my primary school and Gaeltacht ais do tri...backwards and spin around...hmm). Ungainly, fun and a great evening.


In this pic you can just about see the photo of Occupy Pittsburgh with the fiddle before they sent it from the US, just behind the shoulder of the fiddler on the right, who is playing the Pittsburgh fiddle in Dublin. Demonstrating again that this is a global movement, and we are all connected.

Have been down at the camp most days this week while also getting on with some of the rest of my so-called life. Facilitators group is working pretty well, we did some training on Monday night and have more and more people getting involved with facilitating the General Assemblies which is great. I ended up facilitating three General Assemblies this week though as other folks just weren't available, and three is way too many, both in terms of being tiring and a lot of work, and because it's not a good idea for any one person to be in the same position too much. But we have more people involved now for next week at least. We did have a good General Assembly on consensus and decision-making, which both clarified the consensus process and engendered a pretty good discussion – less contentious than I'd anticipated and no-one advocating for abandoning or even majorly altering the current form of the consensus system that we use here at Occupy Dame Street, at least for now. Maybe when we have 3,000 or 10,000 people coming to General Assembly...We can only hope. More discussion will no doubt take place in future.

Lots more happened during the week including the Carnival for 11/11/11, which featured a fleeting visit by Kristen Hersh of Throwing Muses (cue swooning by the over 30s, not myself though, people were shocked I didn't recognise her). Temper-mental Misselayneous and Third World Records were both excellent, some good reggae and rapping there, and Raven delivered some poetry to much acclaim. We also had an open mike with people saying why they're here, which was really positive and quite emotional, ending perfectly with a young boy aged about 9 or 10 saying 'I'm here because I want a better world.'

And later on there was some meditation for 11/11/11 - yes there are some hippies about. And more power to them.


Occupy Cork had also planned to do some meditating from 11-11.30a.m. For 11/11/11 - apparently everyone not directly involved with the meditation thought it was planned for 24 hours, not half an hour, and were concerned at how they'd keep up the oms for that long...


The march took place today with a few hundred people apparently, and a good public forum style not-quite-General-Assembly afterwards.

Apparently Christy Moore is confirmed to play at 2pm on Monday. And there will be a week of facilitated reflection conversations about Occupy Dame Street at 3pm on Tuesday and Wednesday and 8pm on Thursday.


Didn't have time to post my photos during the week and unusually for me I didn't even download them from my camera. Then my camera went missing last night, ironically not while in the dodgy urban locale of Occupy Dame Street but while I was in the quietly salubrious suburbs having dinner with family. Here's hoping it will show up tomorrow, photos intact. If not you'll just have to imagine everything that happened in week 5.

Lots more photos and videos of 5 weeks of Occupy Dame Street.



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