Monday, October 08, 2012

Alas Occupy Dame Street I knew you well

Today 8th October was the one year anniversary of Occupy Dame Street setting up camp outside the Central Bank in Dublin.
On Saturday there was a (very small) march, followed by workshops and an open-mike assembly at the plaza, then music which I couldn't stick around for. Yesterday there were more workshops and music which I didn't go to.
Tonight I went in to a small general assembly.
It was good to see some familiar faces, people whom I have a lot of affection for from the times we had together from October last year until March when the camp was evicted. And times we've had since, different projects people are working on.
It was nice to gather there on a fairly mild October evening reminiscent of the freakishly mild weather that was the first week of Occupy Dame Street in 2011.
It seems a long time ago, and a different world. A world that perhaps has gotten worse, at least in terms of many of the issues we were seeking to highlight and protest and provide alternatives to.
So here we are. It seemed sad tonight, though worthwhile to mark this time. On to bigger and better things, let's hope.



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