Monday, August 31, 2015

Straight Outta Comté

Straight Outta Comté. Had to be done. Thanks as always to the wonderful people of Sheridan's Cheesemongers. What I spent most time on was finding the É for the Comté name. Can't misname the favourite French cheese.

Haven't been using Flickr or posting any photos much lately. Another of the many things that I enjoy, or used to, that I haven't been doing lately. Not good. So I just went to upload a photo and sort out some others to upload a few. It looks like the last public photo I uploaded was May 31st. 3 months. Jeepers. Go to Flickr, upload the above, and of course they have changed their interface. Again. For the worse. Again. Cue minutes of frustration trying to do something that I have done hundreds if not thousands of time before, not being able to find out how to do it properly in the 'improved' interface, and cobbling together some workaround. Obviously this is a hackneyed complaint, but it is so infuriating. When so much of life just doesn't work how you want it to - and yes I am aware that I am evidently investing my current, myriad, non-Flickr-related frustrations into this hapless photo storage site - it does not seem too much too ask that something I have been using for 8 years, spent a lot of time using, spent quite a lot of money on too, and am trying to use to do a basic and extremely common task, that I have used it for countless times in the past, should allow me to easily do that task, instead of making it nearly impossible. And they do not seem to have left the option to use the old system, so it's not possible to go back to the way I did it before. I understand these massive sites cannot have multiple interfaces for you to choose from because of the immense backend coding burden involved, but damn it is irritating. And makes you feel like you are digitally failing, when it is the digital world, again, that is failing you.

Ok rant over. I was going to put up some more photos of some other stuff I did this month. That may be difficult. Let's try.


I made some very delicious gluten free chocolate brownies. Extremely delicious. In the chocolate cake tin I used to make chocolate cakes in as a child. Good stuff.


I saw a lot of shooting stars, the Perseid meteor shower on a fantastically clear night in the Dublin mountains. Amazing.

And that's all we have time for. Goodnight. See you when I'm a year older.


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