Sunday, January 31, 2016

One month in photos, or, similar swans, different country.

Last time I wrote, I was in Paris where almost every country in the world had just agreed to tackle climate change in at least a semi-serious, and legally binding, way. Then I was back in London, then Dublin, and now I'm back in London. At least I made the first of those journeys by train, the second by train and ferry, and only the third by plane, thus adding less than I could have to my carbon crater. From the heights of serious global action (or at minimum, agreement to act), what was on my mind here later in December was that I was not under so much pressure to post by 31st December, having already written something that month. So I had plenty of things to say, and ambled towards committing them to screen early in January. And ambled. And strolled. And now I can't remember any of them and instead it's as usual right before the month turns once again, and I compel myself to write something, and not much at that. Of such trivia are our day-to-days made.

One thing I am personally excited about is that I just got a new laptop, and because I paid a lot extra to have a lot more storage, for the first time in about 10 years I can fit all my photos - around 300GB of them - on my actual laptop, and not have to keep them on an external drive. If I'd had more time I would get to do lots more fun stuff with them now that they are so much more accessible, but time has been in as short supply as ever. Despite its literal consistency. Tonight, I managed to connect my phone and download the relevant software and get it to work and actually download some photos off the phone. I am very behind the times and find it very difficult to upload photos where I want them directly from my phone. Plus there is the nervousness that comes with knowing that those photos exist only on that highly mobile device, which could break or go missing from my pocket at any time. So I'm happy to have begun getting them onto my computer, and will enjoy even more having them there as I get more time to do something with them. For now, time being what it is, here are two photos.

One, from the phone, is the first photo I took this year, walking home along the Grand Canal in Dublin, seeing some swans that are often resident there:

And here is a photo I took today, on Regent's Canal, near my other home here in London:


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