Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Strike one, score one for Paris.

I'm currently spending the night in Paris Gare d'Austerlitz on a stationary sleeper train that was bound for Barcelona. This is quite mad and quite amazing. The Unfortunately Loyal Totally Amazing Boyfriend of Utter Greatness and I just took the Eurostar here from London. There is a huge petrol and now, since we arrived, train strike throughout France. All trains tonight are cancelled, however the sleeper train that we were booked on is here, in the station, but stationary. So we were greeted by the lovely SNCF people telling us that our train was cancelled, asking us if we had anywhere to stay, then giving us little cardboard boxes of meals, and organising for about 65 people to stay overnight on the sleeper train for free, while booking us on a high speed TGV to Barcelona tomorrow. We have a six berth cabin to ourselves. And our repas and petit dejeuner to tuck into. Which includes a apocalypse surviving self-heating can of hot chocolate. Along with the baguette from the artisan boulangerie and Beaufort cheese from the immense selection at a nearby Carrefour, which we stopped into on the way to the station, a small size of this shop, similar to a T*sco Express, But stocking minimum fifty types of cheese. I love this country. Strikes and all.


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