Saturday, December 31, 2016

Traditions always evolve.

Traditions always evolve. I love cheese. Most years, I buy Christmas cheese, from Sheridan's cheesemongers in South Anne Street in Dublin. Whatever cheeses I want, to eat, to share, to give.

This year I bought Christmas cheese from Neal's Yard Dairy, in London, a city where I have ostensibly lived for the last three or so years.


Christmas cheese from Neal's Yard Dairy, London.

The next day I moved home to Dublin, Ireland, where I intend to live for the next little while. I took the cheese with me of course. And two days later I went to Sheridan's cheesemongers in Dublin, and bought my Christmas cheese.


Christmas cheese from Sheridan's cheesemongers, Dublin.

The cheese from London informs and coexists with the cheese in Dublin, here on my kitchen table in Dublin. I take what I have, and it comes with me. I am what I am, wherever I am. I eat, I share, I give. Utopia travels with me. Moving and being. Traditions always evolve.


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