Monday, June 08, 2009

and stripped down

The limited edition print from Spencer Tunick has arrived, given to everyone who participated in the nude photographic installation at North Wall in Dublin on June 21st 2008. It was an amazing morning, and a wonderful way to begin what was otherwise a very difficult midsummer's day. I was so glad that I participated in this, it really was a powerful experience. And it seemed like all of the 2500 people who were there felt similarly.

Unfortunately the Dublin Docklands Authority probably won't (can't afford to) exhibit the Dublin photos, the ones from Cork went on display today. However, they are uniquely on view at a website made by the artist at where you can see some additional shots and video.

Whatever your age, however you feel about your body, and whatever the weather (it was raining and we were standing ankle deep in the cold Irish Sea for part of it) I urge you to participate in a Spencer Tunick installation if you ever get the chance - it is a fantastically enjoyable, life affirming and unique experience.


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thats brilliant!

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