Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Following hot on the heels of (or next in sequence to) the last post, today is the ninth day of the ninth month of the ninth year of this decade, century and indeed millennium, at least according to the Common Era calendar. No major celebrations took place round here, but 090909 day was certainly acknowledged, even if I managed to sleep through 09:09:09a.m. this morning. One friend suggested having an emergency services party, and inviting the cops, ambulance and fire brigade, a reference I didn't get until the zeroes were removed to produce 999, while one other friend zeroed in on the moment with a text at the appointed minute. In Tanzania I think sevens day (seventh of July) and eights day (eighth of August) are both national holidays every year - more of that kind of mathematical appreciation I say. Now we'll have to starting counting down to 10:10:10a.m. on the 10/10/10 next year.


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