Monday, May 31, 2010

Dublin All City Graffiti Jam photos

The photos I took of the All City Graffiti Jam, which I thought I'd already posted, but apparently not. No time like the present, so here are a few of the best.


The main title for the Jam.


Gives some idea of what the overall event was like. It was in the carpark of the Tivoli and it was just a little rainy...


Really liked this piece, still in process when I left. Go on the gardening.


Calligraffiti - Crime Time Kings.


There's another dinosaur on the end of this wall, showing work by lots of writers.


This one's especially for you 2bit! Half-dead zombie pandas, who could ask for anything more.


Giving some idea of the effort (and equipment) involved.


Again some idea of scale. I've a lot of large size pictures of the wall that I need to put together into one large panorama.

There are about 100 photos and a video of the Jam available here.

Meanwhile, I've been away for a couple of weeks, so I will get around to writing about my travels in England and France, and posting some photos too. And hopefully sooner than the nearly two month gap between posts this time.



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