Friday, March 31, 2017

A mixed month.

As has been the case for at least eighteen months, there is a lot going on. This week the UK triggered Article 50 and began the official two year process of leaving the European Union. I ostensibly live there, and am studying there, and as an Irish and EU citizen I am sad to see this development, to witness this process move to this stage. Meanwhile I've felt more in touch with, and both pessimistic and optimistic about aspects of my personal life and things that are important to me. At a talk by the wonderful artist James Earley on 18th March, I felt my enthusiasm for graffiti and street art being rekindled, after it had ebbed to a low point over the last several years. At different times this month in my home, the Daintree Building in Dublin, I've felt upset and profoundly annoyed by problems with the heating and hot water, and also joyous and excited by the building, its positive presence and impact as an ecological mixed use building, and the simple pleasure of living a good life there. I feel many important aspects of my life are swirling and changing, ebbing and flowing this month, and I look forward to exploring them more and finding more balance.


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