Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Dolphins dancing

Saw the dolphins yesterday playing in the sea near Vico Road once again. A wonderful way to start the new year. Vico Road and White Rock beach together form one of my favourite places, so it was amazing to be there in the company of the dolphins, and in the company of a good friend who also loves this beautiful place.


Before we'd even gotten out of the car far above the beach we could see people pointing out to sea and we knew what they must be pointing at. Below us between the trees were at least two dolphins splashing in the water. They were swimming back and forth but mainly moving left towards Dalkey Island. A little difficult to spot:


We watched them for quite a while before heading down to the beach, with wonderful views en route of the curving bay backed by the Sugar Loaf.


We thought the sea creatures had continued north and that we wouldn't be able to spot them from the beach. Instead, while we were standing a little to the left of the beach, they suddenly reappeared, less than 50 metres away. Unbelievably close, one leapt out of the water, twisting to display her (or his) grey belly, seeming almost to stand on her tail, while the other two played nearby. An incredible moment. No photos of these acrobatics, but some of them swimming along.


I trained my camera on the waves to video them and they appeared as if on cue, a video I'll post once formatted. They hung out directly in front of us, two darting through the small waves together, fins aligned, the other one a little further off. It was about at this point that my camera ran out of battery. Didn't matter as it was something very special to share those moments in such close proximity to the dolphins.


They stayed playing around for ages, appearing further out to sea, over to the right, and at other locations at various times over the next hour or so.


It was hard to tear ourselves away, and I kept stopping as we climbed the steps back to the car, seeing their sleek shapes splashing out of the water far below. Amazing. Happy 2012.

Photos of the dolphins

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